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The Importance of Adding Mobility to Resistance and Cardiovascular Fitness for Older Women

If you’re an older woman, improving your fitness and overall health should be a priority considering the “top ten health risks facing women over 40.” You’ve probably heard that resistance and cardiovascular exercises are crucial for weight loss, strong bones, and endurance. However, there is another essential component that is often overlooked: flexibility and mobility […]

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How Dancing Regularly Helps Train Your Brain

We’ve been told time and time again how beneficial it is for your body to exercise regularly. It’s like your car – the better your maintenance routine is, the smoother your ride will be. One thing we don’t discuss as much is the benefit of exercise, especially from dancing, for your brain. Keeping your body […]

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Exercise and Your Skin: What You Need To Know

Everyone wants to retain vital, glowing skin as the years pass. Almost all of us know that a good skincare routine is essential to keeping skin healthy and youthful. What fewer people are aware of is how exercise and good skin health relate to each other. Working out can have both good and bad effects […]

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4 Best Exercises for Menopause Weight Gain

Menopause and Weight Gain Menopause is a significant natural process in a woman’s life since it marks the end of her menstrual cycle. However, it can be quite rocky since it is associated with symptoms such as mood changes, night sweats, chills, hot flashes, altered cognitive function, and insomnia. One of the most troubling symptoms […]