I let the music move me. I perform the song. I think that’s what my students really like.

Kellie Faulkner

Kellie Faulkner is a former professional film and television actress with a background in musical theater. Although Kellie was drawn to music and dance as a young girl, the opportunity to train as a dancer was overshadowed by her participation in competitive sports like track, softball, basketball, and volleyball. It wasn’t until her freshman year of college that Kellie decided to sign up for a Ballet class. It didn’t go well at first – her Grands Jetes looked more like a basketball player going for a full court press. However, she had three things going for her: musicality, a passion for performing, and athleticism. Years later, these three elements ignited to deliver one of the hottest dance fitness classes on the North Shore – Zumba with Kellie.

Fitness has always been important to Kellie, but the passion for teaching surfaced when she was introduced to the Zumba® Fitness program in 2006. Kellie became licensed to teach Zumba® in 2008 and added Zumba® Toning to her repertoire in 2011. Almost a decade later, in 2018, she took her own advice to push it to the limit and trained to be a STRONG Nation™ instructor.

Her classes are designed to push students to the next level, mentally and physically, while providing a unique, exhilarating experience through music and dance. When preparing the music set for every class, Kellie takes time to ensure each song flows well into the next one and the intensity of the choreography progresses appropriately to avoid repetitive movements and silence between the routines. Her students can expect to learn new choreography in every class they take – a standard Kellie has upheld from the start of her dance fitness career.

Kellie’s students come back year after year because there truly is no Zumba class on the Northshore like Zumba with Kellie.

I’ve been taking Zumba classes for over 5 years and have experienced many different instructors, but what makes me more motivated and excited for Kellie’s class is that she always changes up her routine and is constantly challenging us. Kellie’s workouts do show results. I’m not bored in her class, the music is always changing and the hour goes by very fast.

Judi M.